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  • Writer's pictureJoel White

Quick Advice for CRO Hiring Managers

Originally published in May 2021 on LinkedIn.

If you are a hiring manager at a small or midsize CRO, you hear the same question over and over from candidates:

"What's the risk you'll be acquired in the near future?"

Well, now two major CROs are in the process of being acquired.

(And other big players were likely being evaluated as part of those processes.)

So the answer I've always used is some version of:

"No more or less than any other company".

I would now add to that:

"No more or less than any other company. Look at PPD, PRA, Quintiles, Covance, Parexel (nearly was acquired before going private), etc..."

The reality is the pharmaceutical contract services industry is highly attractive to many companies in various industries. Doesn't matter what size your company is- it's a fact of life.


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