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Project Sampling

Since most of my work involves pricing, finance, due diligence, and other highly sensitive corporate matters, this page provides brief descriptions of real projects I've performed, in no particular order, without disclosing client names (except where noted).

Contact me to discuss similar objectives your organization seeks to accomplish. 

Pricing Revamp for Patient Recruitment Firm

Marketcap Consulting worked with a patient recruitment firm to revamp its pricing model to better respond to new opportunities and present their value proposition in a novel way. The whole process, inclusive of redesign, iterations, and testing, took about 8 weeks with minimal demand on client resources. The revamp was followed by 3 months of active monitoring by Marketcap to ensure implemented changes became engrained processes at the client.

Pricing Validation for VRO

A leading virtual research organization (VRO) requested Marketcap Consulting to validate its final pricing tools, processes, rates, and algorithms as the VRO was finalizing a year-long project to overhaul its pricing. MCAP completed the validation and actually helped the company implement additional pricing functionality and a reconfigured rate model that better reflected where the VRO was in its company lifecycle. The initial validation was completed in 5 weeks (over a holiday season) and the additional functionality and rate reconfiguration lasted another 6 weeks.

Project Finance and Pricing Template for New Service Provider

A newly formed clinical research service provider was off to a fast start in winning projects and onboarding staff to support delivery. Marketcap Consulting developed simple, easily maintainable templates for this company to price new opportunities quickly and track the profitability and cash flow of those projects over their duration, all in an integrated manner.

Pricing Revamp for FinTech / Digital Banking Enabler

A leading digital banking service provider needed to significantly improve its pricing tool and develop a standardized proposal template for its sales and marketing efforts. Marketcap Consulting completed both objectives in less than 6 weeks and has provided long term technical support for further pricing tool improvements since then.

Project Finance Methodology for Cybersecurity Firm

A startup company in the medical device cybersecurity product space expanded its offering to include consulting services. Marketcap Consulting helped develop the project finance model and accompanying processes and methodologies so that this firm could be in position to deliver its consulting projects as profitably as possible.

Global Pricing Integration for Rapidly Growing CRO

Marketcap Consulting worked with a rapidly growing medical device CRO who needed to consolidate multiple regional pricing tools into a single consolidated pricing tool that covered their global needs and facilitated project setup in their new financial system. The new tool went live about 9 weeks from project start, after which Marketcap supported continuous improvements over the subsequent 2 months.

Due Diligence Support for Unique Corporate Transaction

Marketcap Consulting project managed the due diligence response process (sell side) for Highline Sciences with respect to its recent acquisition by Tempus.

Pricing Integration for Merged CROs

Marketcap Consulting recently supported the pricing integration of two large and recently merged CROs. The company was finding its existing efforts falling well behind schedule and requested Marketcap's support to expedite timelines for go-live. The project was a success and Marketcap continues to support this company with additional projects and ongoing technical support.

Pricing Modernization and Business Reporting Support

A therapeutically focused CRO was using an extremely outdated pricing tool and lacked templates with which to evaluate project profitability. Marketcap Consulting modernized the company's pricing tool and overhauled its algorithms, including integrating its specialty lab services and other niche services into the new tool, in only 6 weeks. This company has since retained MCAP to develop templates with which to evaluate project profitability, backlog forecasting, and other fundamental corporate finance tools.

Pricing Validation for International CRO

Marketcap Consulting performed a rapid pricing analysis for an international CRO seeking to validate its pricing in a region into which it recently expanded. The entire process, from contract signature to recommendations and resulting alignment discussions, took 1 week.

Interested to Learn More?

Marketcap Consulting exists to rapidly increase the value of your company by improving the profitability and performance of your business and financial operations. The projects above provider a flavor of how this is achieved in a variety of ways. No two needs are the same, however, so contact me to discuss how I can your achieve your goals!

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