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  • Writer's pictureJoel White

Q&A: Will AI Replace Me Someday?

I took 4 questions I've helped clients with recently and ran it through ChatGPT:

  1. How should we account for indirects in our cost rates?

  2. Since inflation is always so high in many Latin American countries (~100% in Argentina), shouldn't we pass that through in our pricing?

  3. How can we ballpark pricing more quickly for prospects who don't have funding yet?

  4. What are some good functional pricing metrics to assess the accuracy of our (clinical trial) budgets?

Some responses were better than others, all were extremely verbose. The answer to #4 would have gotten me fired.

The critical item that stands out to me is that AI will take what you ask and give you an answer, whereas many client questions require a conversation, often with a question back to them, to get to the best answer.

So maybe AI will replace me someday, but here's how I feel in the meantime:

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