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Clinical Research Focus: EU/EEA CTR

Complex regulatory changes present excellent opportunities to put your expertise on display through your pricing. Provide more details for these areas than you typically do. Engage your operational experts closely in configuring your algorithms. Get the terminology absolutely correct.

Conversely, failure to do so creates a disconnect between what your prospects are hearing you say about your expertise and your actual ability to operationalize that expertise.

For example, you can talk to your prospects all day long about how well your regulatory experts understand the EU/EEA’s latest Clinical Trial Regulations updates, but your prospects will question the actual depth of that expertise if your regulatory pricing:

  • still shows Europe as a single pool of countries,

  • forgets that EEA (European Economic Area) countries are applicable,

  • uses outdated terminology,

  • implies new submissions through CTIS are still optional, and/or

  • doesn’t account for requirements around data privacy, redactions, etc.

CTR is a timely example but these principles apply across all complex regulatory services. This is not an area to oversimplify how you present your pricing. Demonstrate that you know this area so well you can price it with specificity and stand behind that pricing when it comes time to sign a contract. Otherwise, why hire you?


Contact me or book a meeting to discuss how these principles can be applied to improve the performance of your organization.



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