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  • Writer's pictureJoel White

Change Notifications

In industries where contracts are complex and amendments take weeks or months to get negotiated and signed, interim notification forms remain a best practice to handle scope change that pops up along the way.

However, I've noticed these forms often lack clarity as to whether or when the changes are to be implemented, and fail to authorize payment for approved changes.

Below is my latest thinking of best language for these forms:


Customer and Supplier agree that:

☐ This form is a notification only. Supplier will neither initiate the [services / product] above nor invoice related amounts until a contract amendment is signed.

☐ This form authorizes Supplier to initiate the [services / product] above and invoice Customer [100% of CNF value] upon signature. Supplier will credit this payment against payments due under the eventual contract amendment.


Processing these forms quickly with clear expectations noted above is one of many ways to avoid working without a contract.



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