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  • Writer's pictureJoel White

Case Study - Mega Tool

At what point in file size would you say an Excel based pricing tool is “too complex” or “too large”? 5MB? 10MB? You’d probably think 20MB wasn’t even possible.

One of my clients was using a pricing tool exceeding 100MB in file. Actually, only some of the staff were using it- the file was too large for most staff to even open it, let alone send by email or post for sharing.

Within 6 weeks, I helped this client go live with a new streamlined tool with transparent algorithms and assumptions, at a file size under 1MB.

It’s more than just about file size- an overly complex pricing tool makes your entire pricing process inflexible, difficult to continuously improve, and extremely concentrated in a small number of people who now hold the keys to your profitability.

And yes, you can revamp your entire pricing tool, including algorithms, in as little as 6 weeks (my average is 6 to 8 weeks, 10 tops).



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