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15 Minute Rule

Here's a test of whether your pricing tool is overly complex or requires too much manual effort to get the job done efficiently.

If you were handed the basic information needed for a ballpark price quote, how long would it take to draft the quote in your pricing tool?

I've found that if it takes more than 15-20 minutes, then one of the more of the following is happening in your pricing tool:

  • The forms and templates used to communicate quote specs don't align with the key drivers in the pricing tool.

  • Users have to enter too many "setup" fields that don't actually affect price

  • Users have to enter data manually into fields that should provide preset defaults.

  • Setup work is spread across too many pages.

  • Too much price configuration occurs at the line item level instead of the driver level.

  • Excessive file size drains performance.

  • Background macros interrupt the user's workflow.

  • Groupings of services or products can't be turned on/off with a single switch.

  • Algorithms don't account for common factors that affect complexity, mix, quantity, location, etc.

  • Geographic and job level resourcing is manual and overengineered.

  • Lack of checksums makes QC a time-consuming process.

  • Exporting outputs is a manual process.

I could probably write 10 more but this should make the point. If your team has to take a deep breath and gear up for battle every time a simple ballpark quote is requested, your pricing tool is doing them a disservice and distracting them from your most important opportunities that actually require in-depth customization of quotes.

Does your pricing tool pass the 15-minute rule?


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