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  • Writer's pictureJoel White

100 Thoughts on Pricing (Tools): #65

Quick tips to instantly improve the look and feel of your Excel based pricing tool:

  • remove background gridlines

  • replace hard black borders with soft gray ones and remove borders that aren't needed

  • color code cells separately for those that are inputs, formulas, untouchable, and headers. Apply this throughout all pages.

  • convert overly horizontal areas to vertical orientation. If it's off the page to the right, it just gets lost. (This is why web pages are vertically oriented).

  • rigorously apply your brand style guide to all areas of the tool, even those back end tabs.

  • color code your tabs based on their function (e.g., Inputs versus pricing versus client outputs, etc.)

  • use grouping, hyperlinks, and macros to help people hide what they don't need to see while at all times being one or two clicks away from where they want to go next.



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