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  • Writer's pictureJoel White

100 Thoughts on Pricing: #60

During a brief foray into computer programming years ago, a term that stuck with me is to keep your code "DRY", i.e. "Don't Repeat Yourself". I apply this thinking as rigorously as possible in pricing tools. Examples:

  • If you need to change a unit name on an opportunity, make it so the user or admin only has to change it one place

  • Minimize repeating parameters in multiple places and especially linking to those repeated instances

  • avoid repeating things on a client specifications page that is clear and obvious to them in the budget grid

  • look for instances where units share common parameters and set those parameters apart so that you change the parameter once and it ripples through everywhere needed

  • in situations where you have to repeat things for internal purposes (e.g., finance system compatibility), do that in a separate far-away place that doesn't interrupt how your team creates pricing and how your customers review what you send them

  • if at all possible, keep all pricing on one tab or page



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