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  • Writer's pictureJoel White

100 Thoughts on Pricing: #55

I've had zero clients complain about the number of hours I've spent on a project, or how they're categorized, or whether they should have been billed in a prior month, or whether they're in scope, or why they're over budget, or whether I gave the client sufficient heads up for accruals purposes.

It's probably because ~90% of my revenue to date- 100% the last 6 months- comes from fixed price projects where the contract doesn't show or estimate hours, I don't track my hours, and if I did it wouldn't matter.

That's my guess. Could be wrong.

But If you're tired of clients complaining about and micro-managing your time, and tired of chasing employees on incorrect timesheets when they really have tried their best, maybe you should change how you price and contract your services.

I'll take fixed price every day.


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