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100 Thoughts on Pricing: #25

We are 25% of the way through 100 thoughts and I'm going to pause these thoughts for a week. I would love to hear your feedback on what you like or have questions about thus far. Send me a DM or email me at

#25- Working without a contract is a choice, not something forced upon you. This could mean starting a project before a contract is signed, providing services outside the scope of a contract, and/or working beyond contract expiration. Don't play the victim. If you work without or beyond contractual coverage, you are doing it with intent and rationale. Maybe you're concerned whether the client will actually ever sign, and this is your way of guilting them forward. Maybe you've seen other companies do it and thus believe if you don't then they may give the project to someone more "flexible". Maybe you just have spare capacity and it doesn't hurt to get started early. Regardless- it's a choice you made, so don't blame the client if you end up holding the bag while hoping they'll do the "right thing". You allowed it to happen.

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