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1 Month In

When launching Marketcap Consulting last month, I did not entirely know what to expect. You hear "starting a business is super hard!" and "wow what a big risk you're taking!"- and those worries continually occupied half my mind- but the other half was fully optimistic things would work out if I followed the plan and offered value where it was needed.

The first month was an emotional roller coaster. Starting a consulting business is at its core a business development role until you have clients, and I'd never been in such a role. Obtaining initial meetings with prospects was quite difficult- I will never again poke fun at companies who commission inside sales people based on how many meetings they achieve- those first meetings matter! I also took for granted the things you get used to as an employee of a company- having IT support, an in house marketing team, coworkers, and, of course, a paycheck and paid time off.

Fortunately, the business is off to a great start and I'm incredibly grateful to readers of this blog and everyone who supported me in this effort. I have clients! (yes, plural!), and they are a mix of companies who were square on my target list from the outset, and companies I had never even heard of prior to launch.

I can now answer the question "what kind of projects do you work on?" with more than hypothetical examples. Below are some examples of current and prospective projects:

  • Integrating project financial reporting for a small but rapidly growing service provider.

  • Supporting the proposals, contracts, and project finance integration of a company who has recently acquired multiple other companies.

  • Evaluating and implementing changes to a technology company's pricing methodologies and proposals processes.

  • Helping a small biotech refine their RFP and aid in the later budget review and negotiation process.

  • Auditing the change order process and priorities for a service provider who "sucks at change orders" and "needs to get their $&^! together by year end", in their words.

I just want to express thanks again to everyone who has helped along the way.

If you and I have lost touch and you'd like to reconnect, and/or if you know someone whose company could benefit from partnering with me, request a meeting, call me at 984-242-6933, or email me at

Have a great rest of the week!



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