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Rapidly increase the value of your company by improving the profitability and performance of your business and financial operations.


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Joel White helps companies improve their financial performance and strategy execution by providing unique, objective insight into the challenges and opportunities they face. He'll work together with you to assess the improvement potential for your business, rapidly progress the steps needed to achieve the desired outcome, then equip your team to sustain and enhance those improvements for the longer term.


You need to prepare for growth

You need to fix underperformance

You want to operate more calmly

  • How do we ensure our revenue growth boosts the bottom line?

  • How can we fund growth with less debt and dilution? 

  • Which investments will best drive future growth?

  • How do we obtain the best value from our suppliers?

  • How much are we leaving on the table through underpricing our offerings?

  • Why does our cash flow lag EBITDA so badly?

  • Why do we consistently overspend our budgets?

  • Why do we routinely miss projections?

  • How do I empower teams to solve problems independently?

  • How do we overcome this sense that we're too busy to tackle meaningful improvement?

  • How do we focus more intensely on what's truly important?

  • How do I thrive in a remote world?

Business Meeting

Trusted Advisor, Accountability Partner

Joel also serves as a trusted advisor and/or accountability partner to senior leaders with a vested interest in the value of their company.


In this capacity, Joel will provide:
- unlimited access for confidential discussions
- objective perspective on complex situations
- focus on your career priorities
- sounding board standby
- backstage support for critical meetings and presentations

Your next step towards achieving rapid improvement where you need it the most is to contact Joel White at Marketcap Consulting.

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About Me

Meet Joel White

Joel White brings over 17 years of proven expertise helping companies rapidly increase the profitability and effectiveness of their business, sales support, and financial operations.

Most recently, Joel led the project finance, proposals, and contracting functions at a small/midsize CRO which was successfully acquired in December 2020 following a rapid turnaround in its financial performance.

Joel founded Marketcap Consulting, LLC in 2021 to help companies dramatically increase the valuation and effectiveness of the businesses through rapidly improving their financial performance and strategy execution.

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