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Brevity in Business Operations

Why write this:

"Party1 and Party2 agree that the total amount payable shall not exceed Fifty Two Thousand Three Hundred Dollars and Forty Eight Cents ($52,300.48) without Party2's written consent in an amendment to this Work Order."

When you can write this:

"The total amount payable shall not exceed $52,300.48."

Or this:

"Maximum Fees Payable: $52,300.48"


Why show 4 one-time pricing units for project startup when they are mutually inclusive? Show 1 and list the 4 components.


In your proposals, why repeat the name of the prospect's protocol number or project title on your cover page, executive summary, feasibility analysis, budget summary, and other areas?


Why show this:

When you can show this:


  • Where are you repeating yourself and thus creating opportunity for embarrassing errors and diluting key points you're trying to communicate?

  • Where are you presenting tables and information so dense in pixels, gridlines, intermediate calculations, and other non-essentials that your recipients struggle to find what they're looking for?

  • In what ways are you presenting aspects of your pricing that give prospects the impression of options that don't exist or openings for needless negotiations?

Exercise brevity in business operations to improve productivity, communications, and efficiency!



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